Posted: April 24, 2014 in Findings of a Reader's Mind
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My first sign is when
I notice the way I walk
In zigzags
Not straight
Then the pounding starts
In my head
No pain at first
But it is soon to come
My heartbeat races
Though I am sitting still
My throat becomes dry
I drink in big hungry gulps
It does nothing to stop
What is happening to me
My breath comes
But it is short
And unfulfilling to my lungs
My head is too heavy to hold up
But the inside is light
Like there is nothing in it
My hands start to tingle
I cannot feel them
I cannot breathe
I cannot think
Then I am crying and unable to stop
The confused and misunderstood tears
Rolling down my cheeks
I am not certain where I am
Maybe in a dream
Because none of this is real
I stop caring about the tears
Because I realize
No one can see me
No one can hear me
I try to remember
How to breathe
And what it feels like
To know without a doubt
That someone cares
I hear voices all around me
I hear the words
But the meaning of them
Is lost on me
I do not understand
What is being said
Or who is saying what
Then I hear a word
That I still know the meaning of
At least I think I do
It is my name
More words after that
More voices
I stumble away without responding
And I fall into the arms of two people
Whose words make perfect sense

Anxiety Attack, by user Shapeshifter56 on

Anxiety attacks aren’t just about being anxious, or nervous. Anxiety attacks are something that is extremely prevalent in many people’s lives. They can begin due to stress; any range of mental issue, heredity, substances (And the withdrawals that come with them) are all causes. They can last anywhere from 5-10 minutes, to upwards of a couple of hours. They’re paralyzing, they’re scary for both the person experiencing it and people observing. They’re something we need to be trying to avoid, and school isn’t helping.

School is a cause of anxiety attacks for the majority of teens. Between homework, relationships (Both intimate and friendly), parents, teachers, any amount of things, anxiety attacks occur more often than ever before. Homework and the idea of succeeding is something that every kid in recent years is trying too hard to achieve for the sole purpose of not wanting to get an F. The problem in that isn’t that the child wants to succeed – That’s awesome they want to be good and do well. The problem is that in order to succeed, the student isn’t allowed any humanity. Especially now that we can get jobs to get money, we have no time for ourselves. We go from school, to sports, to work, to homework, and then go right to bed. And this, after at least a couple weeks, will wear a kid down to the point where he breaks.

My, and Finland’s (, idea of not having as much homework would erase a lot of the stress that comes with school. Not as much homework means less homework-based grades, which means overall better grades, which means happier parents and teachers. Most of all, though? The student is happy. They have more time to themselves, to be a kid. We shouldn’t be pushing kids of any age through this kind of pain and suffering. It’s not alright. We need to fix it.


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